The Story of Woodio

Woodio Oy is a design and material company from Finland. Here in Scandinavia, the old wood industry meets research and new business. Design, the nature and solid materials are all a part of our DNA. Woodio merges a typical Scandinavian material with modern innovation and a lust of doing things differently.

We – both as a country and as a company – constantly strive to refine our natural resources and to launch new materials and interpretations of them. Woodio is built on this heritage and on a constant curiosity of doing more with what we already have.

We are unorthodox researchers and passionate innovators

The foundation of our company is research but we have an unorthodox approach towards it. Solid academic backgrounds meet a lust for experiments, unusual solutions and true innovation. We think different and turn the conventional scientific approaches upside down. Our very material is the result of this – a wood researcher and a plastic expert who merged their knowledge, influences and thinking into one Woodio.

Our unique material is the very core of our brand

The Woodio material is the core of our brand. Woodio material is an ecological solid wood-composite – a mix of wood and sustainable polymers. This new material enables new solutions within design and offers new possibilities for the wood material itself. Woodio material is wood reinvented and introduced as a more flexible material with new uses and expressions. We have just seen the beginning of this and have set out on a journey to explore the true and future possibilities of our material.

Our purpose is to make something new and impressive with wood. And show people the true potential of this new material.

The Product

Woodio basins are something completely new and impressive. And they are a beginning for a new wood material invention.


Wooden Washbasins

Nordic design meets new material invention in Woodio washbasins. Fully recyclable. Made of ecological local aspen. Designed and manufactured in Finland.

Maintenance Free and Durable

Equal properties to conventional basins – The Woodio basins do not require additional care or maintenance.

Standards Compliant

Complies with EU sanitary appliances standard (EN14688). Woodio basins can be installed to bathrooms both at home and in public spaces.


    • Ø 40 cm, h. 15 cm


    • 40 x 60 cm, h. 13,5 cm


    • Ø 40 cm, h. 15 cm


    • 40 x 60 cm, h. 13,5 cm


    • 40 x 40 cm, h. 15 cm


    • 40 x 60 cm, h. 13,5 cm

Product Properties

• Solid wood composite: made of wood and sustainable resins
• Fully waterproof • Durable • Dirt resistant • Fully recyclable
• Cast mouldable • Un-limited colour options • Matt or glossy finish
• Complies with EU sanitary appliances standard (EN14688)

Colour options

Natural Wood





Pentagon Design has designed the first washbasin collections for Woodio. Pentagon Design is an internationally recognized leading Finnish design agency.

Woodio material alone is inspiring, and in bathroom applications it is a truly surprising material. Wood is visible and essential part of the product which is unique, and from designers point of view intriguing. Material has a distinctive character to it and is visually quite dominant. Therefore, we wanted to merge the material with clean and soft forms in the first washbasin concepts.
Jari-Petri Voutilainen, a Senior Designer at Pentagon

Woodio Soft M

Woodio Soft L

Woodio Concept 1

Woodio Concept 2

Woodio Concept 4

Woodio Concept 5

Material Matters

The Woodio Material is the world’s first waterproof, highly durable and fully recyclable solid wood composite.

The new material offers intriguing aestheticity and style, as well as applicability for an extremely versatile range of uses.

Key Material Facts

  • A real wood composite: made of solid wood and non-toxic resins
  • Looks and feels like wood
  • Fully waterproof
  • Complies with EU sanitary appliances standard (EN14688)
  • Fire safe
  • Durable
  • Fully recyclable in energy waste
  • Cast mouldable
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Matt, glossy and rough surface options

Arctic Treehouse Hotel Chose Woodio Wash Basins

The world’s first Woodio basins are found in a luxury hotel in Northern Finland

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The concept of the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is unique with wooden huts and glass houses with open fireplaces and saunas.

”Our customers have been everywhere and seen it all. They expect exotic experiences. The decor features wood, linen, fur, and leather – real, high quality materials. The basins made from Woodio fitted in perfectly”, says the entrepreneur and manager Ilkka Länkinen.

”The light-coloured basins are shiny and lively. They attract attention and have also piqued the interest of visiting journalists”, Mr Länkinen observes.

Open-Minded Architecture

Woodio was a nice surprise for the architect of the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Mikko Jakonen, architect from Studio Puisto.

“It is delightful to see new, modern uses for wood. Utilising it in bathroom furniture is open-minded and bold”, says Mr Jakonen.

“Appearance-wise, Woodio offers interesting possibilities and fits in any environment.”

His choice was also influenced by the fact that the material was environmentally friendly and made in Finland.

“Ecological considerations have guided the design of the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel throughout the entire process. The project has utilised wood in its many forms. Woodio provides excellent additional flavour to this design.”, Mikko concludes.

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Woodio Oy is a Finnish design and material company founded in 2016.

Jenna Tikkanen, Sales Manager

Awarded sales professional with more than 10 years of experience in customer service, sales and account management in global companies. In addition, she holds a degree in interior design from Helsinki Design School. Bachelor degree in business, Helsinki Business College.

Mobile +358 50 336 7357

Petro Lahtinen, CEO, Co-founder, Chairman

Diverse experience in managing start-ups, business strategy, and technology commercialization. Co-founder and former CEO of Onbone Oy, and Chairman of the Board at Sulapac Oy. PhD in Chemistry, University of Helsinki.

Mobile +358 50 58 11 033


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