forest square

3D Files

Soft collection

Soft 40 [3ds] [skp]
Soft 40 with a faucet [3ds] [skp]
Soft 40 wall hung [3ds] [skp]
Soft 40 recessed [3ds] [skp]
Soft 60  [3ds] [skp]
Soft 60 with a faucet [3ds] [skp]
Soft 60 wall hung [3ds] [skp]
Soft 60 recessed [3ds] [skp]

Cube collection

Cube 40 [3ds] [skp]
Cube 40 with a faucet [3ds] [skp]
Cube 40 wall hung [3ds] [skp]
Cube 40 recessed [3ds] [skp]
Cube 60  [3ds] [skp]
Cube 60 with a faucet [3ds] [skp]
Cube 60 wall hung [3ds] [skp]
Cube 60 recessed [3ds] [skp]